Don’t Reprimand, Call Out Greatness

How to Respond in Challenging Situations

My daughter struggled with math as a junior high student. She would probably say she hated it. As I sat at the kitchen counter watching her labor over each problem, it suddenly dawned on me to say “you will probably teach math some day. You will have empathy towards those students who don’t get it […]

Blasting Perfectionism!!

What Are You Waiting For?

Hey! I was not afraid to start a blog. Not me! No big deal! I just wanted it to be “professional” and “excellent”.  “Professional” and “excellent”  really meant “this will not be happening any time soon”. The “any time soon” has come and gone. Can anyone relate? You want to do a good job but […]


Welcome to my Blog


Hi! Welcome to Roots and Wings. Looking forward to chatting with you over a virtual cup of coffee. Your passions are authentic and valuable. And doable. Fruitfulness flourishes in the soil of a lifestyle that is physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually whole.  Discover new insights, strategies and inspiration to live well. There is a special […]