Blasting Perfectionism!!

What Are You Waiting For?


I was not afraid to start a blog. Not me! No big deal! I just wanted it to be “professional” and “excellent”.  “Professional” and “excellent”  really meant “this will not be happening any time soon”.

The “any time soon” has come and gone. Can anyone relate? You want to do a good job but wanting to do a good job ends up being no job at all. No completion. Not even starting!

So here I am. Starting (finally) without a fancy photo and graphic art. I may not even proof read this very much.

I don’t like computer technology. I blame my loathing of all things techy on the fact I am a Baby Boomer. Us Boomers do not come by this internet culture naturally. But it is time for no more excuses. My generation has stepped up to the plate and overtaken Facebook, thank you very much. Never underestimate the power of a Boomer, the generation that said “don’t trust anyone over 30”. Ha!

Now we have to trust everyone under 30 to help us navigate social media! I will drink my humble tea. I will post blogs that are not perfect. I will sail this blue ocean of global communication with finesse and chutzpah.

So. Where are you? Are you under 30 and take new apps in stride? Or are you seasoned in life, adapting and determined to stay flexible and cutting edge?

Welcome to my world. My soul is under 30, adapting somehow to an over 50 year old physical self. My spirit is eternal.

Let’s move the needle forward in doing what we have to do to reach our goals. Live on purpose.

Blast perfectionism! It never did anything except hold you hostage to procrastination and worry!! Begone!!

Now, go do what scares you. It’s good for you.

What have you been procrastinating about? What are trying to do too perfect?

Add a comment below. Then go do it!

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