What is the difference between coaching and other professional helping relationships?

Therapy is more directive in nature. The focus is on healing emotional issues from the past. The therapist has knowledge and expertise for the client to receive.

Mentoring is a teacher-student relationship. “Mentoring is imparting to you what God has given me. Coaching is drawing out of you what God has given you” to quote Dale Stoll.

Consulting brings diagnosis, problem solving, advice, and outside resources to deliver an answer to a challenging situation.

Coaching does not fix the past. Coaching starts with the present and has a focus on the future. You have the creativity, wisdom and insight within you to move from the present to the future. As a coach, I partner with your creativity and walk alongside you to meet the goals that you establish.

How do I know I’m ready for coaching?

If you are ready for change, healed of past emotional trauma, and motivated to bring the future into the present, coaching may be your next step. If words like clarity, balance, challenge, closing the gap, acceleration, leveraging core strengths, removing constraints, and proactive discovery resonate with you, coaching can be a tool to help you define and achieve the results you desire.

What are your areas of focus in coaching?

Lifestyle wellness

**Physical health
**Mental and emotional wellbeing
**Spiritual vitality

The integration of body, mind and emotions, and spirit in whole person wellness.

Getting unstuck in personal or professional goals.

Exploring the alignment of giftings, training, experience and opportunity into a convergence that defines your destiny and fulfills your life purpose. Exploring values, vision, mission. Fine tuning and bringing a refocus to where you want to go personally or professionally.

Having fun and not taking life too seriously!

How long would we work together? How often would we meet?

A minimum of three months, weekly or biweekly. 40 minute sessions via telephone/online at prescheduled times. It will be your sacred space of discovery and growth.

How does long distance coaching work?

You call me or go online at the time we decide upon, ready to work and have fun. It’s amazing how simple and profound the coaching relationship can be.

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